Hmmn… My dear country is celebrating 52 years ofindependence yet we still depend on other countries for things as basic as food, clothing and buildin materials(shelter).

Our institutions are chunning out robots instead ofEmpowered graduates bcoz the poor dudes are tot how to pass exams and not how stuffs work.

I can percieve the GIANT(ideas,innovations,inventions,creativity,etc)in every Nigerian Youth beggin to be free but elders around are too selfish and insensitive to reach out and lend a helpin hand.

Labour market demands 12-13hrs worktime and still expect workers to be productive? How now, wit 4hrs rest and zombie-like life???

Nonchalant leaders abusing power every opportunity they get **Babu conscience** hmmn…

I be technical staff coz I went to Polytechnic and she be core staff coz she dey hold Unifasity palli…eventually technical staff does d job while she presents the report n gets d ultimate reward…*dat kind thing wey fit make man kolo e*

If govt think sey one EduSystem is not up to standard, why dont they do something about it or scrap it altogeda…..uhmmm…
Officially Independent but stil shackled by Corruption, Bribery, Corporate slavery and abuse of political power.

From whence cometh our help…. BabaGod nikan lo le gbawaaaa which is why I pray sote sote sote sote sey Naija go beta for Good… She wil soon share her Testimony…

Nevertheless, what I’m I doing, what are you doing to make this country a beta place for all andSundry???
Hapi Independence Naija!