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10 Life Principles

These are 10 Most Important Things in Everyone’s Life

LOVE: The Special Feeling That Makes You FeelAll Warm And Wonderful.
RESPECT: Treating Others As Well As You Would Like To Be Treated.
APPRECIATION: To Be Grateful For All The Good Things Life Has To Offer.
HAPPINESS: The Full Enjoyment Of Each Moment. A Smiling Face.


FORGIVENESS: The Ability To Let Things Be Without Anger.
SHARING: The Joy Of Giving Without Thought Of Receiving.
HONESTY: The Quality Of Always Telling The Truth.
INTEGRITY: The Purity Of Doing What’s Right, No Matter What.
COMPASSION: The Essence Of Feeling Another’s Pain, While Easing Their Hurt.
PEACE: The Reward For Living The 10 Most Important Things.



Talking is good, especially when it is positive and it is about you. When asked to introduce ourselves, we tend to speak of ourselves in a positive note. This is good, but does not end there. It goes beyond just talking it, you have to walk it, act it and let it mirrow your life.

Paul had to chastise Peter when he tried walking away from his talk. Paul confronts peter about his hypocrisy. When certain people came from the Apostle James, Peter remove himself from the fellowship of the uncircumcised (typically the greek). However, any other time he would associate with the uncircumcised because he was afraid of the circumcised Jew. (ref: Gal 1: 11

To walk the talk means to do what one said one could do, or would do, not just making empty promises.

You Can Talk The Walk, Can You Walk The Talk?

Walking the talk is about the importance of bringing your beliefs to life… of moving beyond words to practice what you preach. When you walk the talk you ‘do the right thing’ and draw upon your Character… your Commitment, Honesty, Accountability, Respect, Courage, Trust, Ethics And Responsibility. These are just words unless we live by them… unless we walk the talk…

Tips To Walking The Talk

v Model (Jesus Christ) the behaviour you want others to percieve

v Do what you say you are going to do. Build trust!

v Hold strategic conversation with people so people are clear about expectations and direction. Build commitment!

v Above all u need the Holy spirit as your best buddy. He will always help you walk the talk at all time!