Written By: Olutoki Emmanuel

Prologue: The Genesis

It was a beautiful morning and the sun was just rising, slightly drifting into

Carson’s apartment. He was still snuggling in bed at 5.30am after all it was a

Saturday morning and its in such a day that he gets all the rest that he can. Then

suddenly his phone started ringing.

Carson fumbled for his phone half-asleep wondering who could be calling him that

early. He finally got the phone by which time the phone has stopped ringing. He

checked the caller and he jerked fully awake as Cassandra’s name popped out of his

phone’s screen. ‘Why will Cassandra be calling me this early, Is there an urgent

report to be sent, hope this call is not for another extra hours at work o’ he

wonders as he fumbled for his other cell phone that uses the same network provider

as that of Cassandra.

He waited patiently as the phone starts connecting to Cassandra’s line. She picked

at the second ring ‘Hey what’s up Handsome’

‘Hey Cassy how u dey’ Carson muttered not knowing what to expect. ‘hope no probs’

‘oh nothing much, the only problem is that I’m so bored this weekend and I need a

place to go. Can I come and check on you, will u treat me nicely’ she said with her

sweetest voice.

Relieved Carson said ‘Oh baby u just scared me now’

‘how did I scare u hon’ she asked

‘I thought you are calling me for another long weekend at work this weekend ni’ he

said then added ‘when are you coming’

‘ha ha ha when did you start becoming this lazy, anyways I don’t blame you, one

needs adequate rest to survive on this job’ she said laughing. I laughed back in

agreement then she said ‘I will see u around noon. Don’t know exact time but just

expect me like Christ’

‘Alright then I will be expecting’ I said as we exchanged final pleasantries and

clicked off.

Carson hives a sigh of relief and smiled. Then he started wondering why Funky

Cassandra chose her place to come liven up her mood. He wonders why she can’t just

go meet her kind of men, funky, crazy party type Dudes. Why the cool-headed Carson?

Anyways, he thought to himself, I bet she’s going to make my day and not the other

way round, as he rolls the bedspread over his head for final round of sleep.

……………. @…………………@…………………@

Carson woke up later in the day to freshen up and prepare breakfast. after which he

sprawled on the floor to enjoy his favourite video game. He was so engrous in the

game he was playing that he almost did not hear the knock. The knock grew louder

and he reluctanctly fumbled with the pause button on the game pad.

‘who’s there?’ he asked as he moves towards the door.

‘It’s Santa, I think I might have a package for Mr. Carson, will you open up pls?’

‘Oh Santa Cassy….hmmn…dat sounds cool’ Carson retorted as he moves towards the


As he opened the door, Cassandra walked in briskly and gave him a bear hug.

‘wow what’s that?’ Carson asked surprisingly.

‘Hmmn… That’s what Santa Cassy brought for you’ she said smiling as both of them

walked into the living room. Carson went back to his previous position while Cassy

took a position right beside him and started fumbling through her bag.

‘Guess what I brought for you?’ she asked winking

‘Condoms?’ Carson asked with cynicism

‘Ha ha ha, you don spoil finish’ she said as she poked Carson in the ribs ‘well I

bought this stuffs on my way’

Carson peeped into the nylon Cassy brought out of her bag and saw that she had

actually been to an eatery before coming to his place.

‘Cassy and who’s courtesy are these Pastries, Don’t tell me its Chucks again o’

Carson said as he suddenly lost interest in the things laid before him. He knew

Cassy to be such a wild girl that hops from man to man so far they can pay her

bills and take her on trips. He is not going to encourage that by eating out of it.

‘Oh Mister these items here are not from any man o, I bought them specially for us.

ok?’ she said with a wry smile

‘Oh rily…’ Carson thought for a minute. ‘Why is this lady being unusually nice to

me? This is the same lady that always men to take her out without parting with her

own resource. Its the same Lady lying right beside me. She even came with wine to

wash down the whole thing!

‘Yes, rily’ Cassy retorted ‘I knew you will not have any food at home and I dont

want to start cooking here’ she added ‘abi I lie?’

‘well you are partially right’ Carson said ‘but u could have prepared noodles and

egg for yourself or whatever, anyways its nice of you to give us this treat’ he

said winking at her and she responded by tickling him some more.

They started discussing about events at work, entertainment and fashion. After a

while Cassandra brought out the wine and started pouring for them both.

‘I’m not taking wine o Cassy’ Carson said

‘why now, c’mon dont dull me o, it does not really contain alcohol, its fruit wine,

here have a taste’ she said as she lowered the cup to his lips. Carson reluctantly

tasted the wine and felt that it tastes good. He sat up some more, rested on his

elbow and sip some more wine while they chatted on. After two glasses of wine he

noticed that the wine contains some alcohol content and he started feeling a bit

high. His system reacts quickly to alcohol which is why he always avoid taking it.

Cassandra raised a leg in a ‘V’ posse which revealed alot of flesh. Carson’s gaze

fell on the mass of fresh smooth skin before him and he felt sensual fluid rush

through him. As he could not control the urge, he moved closer to where she was

lying and started rubbing her laps. She looked deep into his eyes but did not try

to stop him. Instead she tilted into a more relaxed angle and let out a soft groan

which intensified his moves. He got ferocious and started kissing her all over. He

was really enjoying this and the alcohol content in his blood was spurring him on,

he moved his hand to her waist and gently touch the softskin beneath. His hands

Journeyed higher as he drifted towards her chest region. He placed his hand on her

breast as he gently fumbles with her nipples. She gave a soft mourn as she edged

closer to him and they started kissing. They both were really engrossed in this

foreplay that they were totally oblivious of what is happening around them. when

suddenly someone clears throat.

They have been knocking on the door for a while and when there was no response

Sister Kate tried opening the door and found that it was not locked . The sight

before her gave her a shock as she turned to her companion in disbelief. They

briefly debated whether to stay or leave immediately, Sister Pat was of the

opinion that they leave before they notice their presence but Sister Kate won’t

have any of that. She made a throat sound to get their attention. The sound was

ineffective so she cleared her throat rather too loudly.

At this sound, Carson looked up to see Sister Kate and Pat by the door, disbelief

written all over their faces. Carson quickly jumped up and tried to redress

properly while Cassandra gently adjusted her Top and walked towards the restroom

without uttering a word. Carson was confused and deeply ashamed of himself because

he attends the same church as that of these ladies and they all belong to the same



To Be Continued…